Red Deer

Known in New Zealand as the “Monarch of the Mountain”, the red stag is considered by many to be the most beautiful antlered animal on earth.

Their distinctive dark red coat, large “crowning”antlers with 20 or more points and an enormous body weighing up to 600 pounds, make them a highly sought after trophy. Red stag do not bugle, instead they make a deep roaring sound that will stay with you forever once you hear it.

Paradise Trophy Ranch is one of the only facilities in the United States with pure-bred red stags brought into the ranch directly from New Zealand. The story of how they made it here is so incredible it would make a very entertaining television documentary!

Known in New Zealand as the “Monarch of the Mountain”

Paradise Trophy ranch is a dream come true from one Generations vision to another and for everyone to enjoy and find their little piece of Paradise here in Michigan!

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