Whitetail Deer

Whitetail deer are the most sought after big-game animal in North America.

Their acute sense of smell and excellent vision make them very challenging to hunt. They are often times called the “ghost of the woods” because of their ability to suddenly appear without warning, and disappear just as quickly.

At Paradise Trophy Ranch the Whitetails you will pursue live freely in our 1000 acre preserve. They spend most of their lives in the preserve growing to incredible size and maturity. Allowing our deer to live and mature onsite ensures a challenging and rewarding hunt.

Whitetail Deer

At Paradise Trophy Ranch we have our own breeding facilities complete with 6 large breeding pens.

These pens contain over 100 of the best breeding does in the Midwest and allow us to consistently produce bucks with heavy, wide typical racks with long beautiful tines. We bring in fresh genetic every year to continually improve our herd and keep it healthy. Because we raise our animals on-site, hunters can choose from bucks with racks from 130 inches to over 300 inches.

Paradise Trophy Ranch

Paradise Trophy ranch is a dream come true from one Generations vision to another and for everyone to enjoy and find their little piece of Paradise here in Michigan!

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